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Name of device: *
  Overall Serial Number: *  
  Serial Number Head :  
  Serial Number Console :  
  Serial Number Power Pack/Main Unit :  
  Serial Number Spring Arm :  
  Serial Number Column :  
  Part Number of the item :  
Install Date : *    
  Head Console Main Unit
  CF Card Software Version  
Calibration values :
Offset 1 Offset 2 Gain 1 Gain 2 Gain 3
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B :
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Technical Contact Information : Technical Contact Person :
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Completed visual inspection of all components for physical damage and imperfections and none were identified.
Completed visual inspections of all interconnecting cables for frays, cuts, etc.
Completed inspection to make certain all fasteners are installed and tightened.
Applied power to unit and verified all power-up test completed successfully and main screen appeared without errors.
Checked movement of Powerhead ram(s) at all speeds using the forward and reverse buttons.
Verified all lamps illuminated correctly during power-up sequence.
Verified Powerhead rotates more than 180 degrees but less than 270 degrees.
Verified Remote Stand moves freely, and that caster locking mechanisms operate correctly or ceiling suspension can move freely.
Verified syringe clamps open and close easily,  including the installation and removal of optional adapter(s).
Verified no abnormal sounds from Powerhead during ram movements.
I (We) have read and agreed to the Terms and conditions of the Medicor Europe AG warranty policy.
Terms and Conditions